Find your phone

Thanks to bi-directional Bluetooth, you can set off the Finder feature on your smart phone, right from your Keyco Finder – even if your phone is on silent! It will ring!!!

Your phone is nearer than you think!

Phone Finder.

Misplaced your phone? Find your phone easily with two clicks of your Keyco to page your phone. Even on silent mode, your phone will ring loudly if you are within the Bluetooth range for easy location.


Power from Within.

Out of range from your phone? Log onto the Keyco website and you can see the phone’s last location, or send a lock-screen message to anyone who finds it.

Finding you phone is easier than ever!
Pairing devices couldn't be easier!

Dual Purpose.

The app lets you find and track any device linked to your Keyco account. iPhone? Android? Tablet? Thanks to Keyco, they can all communicate and find each other.