Clip. Tap. Track.

Luggage. Keys. Toys. Passports. The power of Bluetooth technology makes it easier than ever to keep track of the things that get lost but you just can’t lose.

How it Works.

Using bi-directional technology, the Keyco Finder helps you save time, eliminates frustration and eases anxiety about losing your important items. Simply clip the Keyco Mini Finder onto your items and pair with your mobile phone.

Can’t find your backpack? Open the app, tap the icon for your backpack icon and listen for the chirp.

Can’t find your phone? Push the button on the Keyco Finder and your phone will chirp, even if it is on silent. No more stress, panic, morning rush and wasted time searching for misplaced items!

Packed with Power

Don’t let the size fool you. Using revolutionary technology, the Keyco Mini discreetly communicates with the Keyco app. You won’t even notice it’s there – until you need it.

5.5mm 25mm 39mm
5.5mm 25mm 39mm
5.5mm 25mm 39mm




W: 25mm | H: 39mm | T: 5.5mm

You’re on the move. Your stuff is too.

Your life is busy and moves pretty fast. If you’re not careful, you could leave something important behind. Now, thanks to the Keyco Mini, you can keep track of all your prized possessions – right from your phone!

School, work or play. Keyco works wherever you are.

With a 200' range, find your item or see it’s last location.

Works quickly and easily to locate your stuff.

Upload and Track.

1. Attach the Keyco Finder to your object.
2. Download our app from the app store (available for Android and iPhone).
3. Pair your Keyco Mini to your device.
4. Never lose an important item again.

One app. Multiple features.

The Keyco app works with both Android and Apple devices. Download it to your phone and start tracking your items in minutes. Keyco tracks your phone or your device – letting you find the things you lose no matter where you are.

Easy to navigate, our intuitive app gives you instant access to your item’s location. Crisp graphics make it simple to find your tagged items – you may even find yourself playing hide and seek with your stuff, just for the fun of it.

Find your stuff with just one touch.

Can’t find your keys? Open the Keyco app and tap on the ‘key’ icon. Your Keyco Mini Finder will give a friendly chirp to let you know where you left them.

No more frantic mornings trying to find where your teenager left your keys. With Keyco, the notification alert will lead you right to the mountain of laundry they got buried under.

A Giant Rescue Mission

Out of your item’s range? Use the power of crowd finding to track your lost items. When a Keyco community member moves within range of your item, you’ll get a notification pinpointing exactly where to find it.

No more, “Have You Seen My __________” posters. The Keyco Community Finder feature harnesses the power of Bluetooth to find your missing object.