Now Selfies are Easier than Ever

Keyco eliminates the hassle of taking great selfies the first time. Instead of trying to find the button to take your picture, you can use your Keyco Finder to snap the shot. You simply point the camera and press the button on your Finder. Your selfies are easier than ever to take, and your pictures are better than ever.

Control your phone camera easily

No more arm stretch.

Taking a group shot? The hassle of squeezing everyone into the frame while balancing your cell phone is over, thanks to the Keyco Finder selfie feature. Instead of wishing you had longer arms, use a tripod or flexible phone mount to hold your phone, then use your Keyco fob or card to take the picture. Finally – a way to get everyone in the picture at the same time!


Post and Share Easily

Everyone knows if you don’t post a photo, it didn’t happen. Using your Keyco Finder to take better selfies means that your social media game just went to a whole new level. When you’re ready to post your pics, simply open your Photos app and look for the Keyco folder. Choose your favorite shot and share with your friends and family!

Your photos are stored in your phone

Capture Your Memories

Selfies capture the moments of your life in a fun, engaging snapshot. Don’t miss the shot trying to find the button and fit everyone in the frame. The Keyco Finder selfie option gives you instant control for a post-worthy picture every time.
Keyco is bringing the fun back to selfies. Point your phone, click your Keyco and move on to your next adventure. Where will you selfie today?